Tuesday, December 23, 2008

23 December ~ A Great Day in American History ~ for the World!

Few folks realize that the all important day Statesmanship came to reign supreme in America was the 23rd day of December in 1783, when General George Washington, gave a great Christmas gift to America, when he traveled to the State Capitol in Annapolis, Maryland.

There the Continental Congress was convened, and rather than arrest the legislators for their neglect in paying or supplying food for the soldiers of the American Army, as part of a coup as past military generals had done, or disband the legislature as Lord Protector and General Oliver Cromwell had done, General Washington did the decisive difference that gave birth to America as a Republic, so is rightly lauded as "the father of His country."

Following the examples of Senator Cato and farmer Cincinnatus of the Roman Republic, and more so of Jesus in John 6:15, General Washington appeared without his Commander-in-Chief blue sash, surrendered his sword, and resigned as General and Commander-in-Chief, so that never again would the officers, the soldiers, or even the people of America talk of making him, or anyone else, their "king".

Washington then "departed from them, and went unto the mountain", Mount Vernon, to celebrate Christmas at home with his beloved Martha and their grandchildren for the first time during the eight arduous years of America's victorious War for Independence.

When word reached King George III, of Washington's actions, he remarked about his humility in not seizing the reigns of power but rather resigning and submitting to the civilian powers, that Washington "...was the greatest man of his age, or perhaps any age."

Yes, indeed, by giving away the power he had in his hands, George Washington earned the honored status of "The Man for the Millenniums", the most important man in the world in the past 1000 years!

Might it be wise for "We the People" of America to learn again why Washington was so highly respected in his time? Why he should be so respected in these times, and for all time?

Washington was a true "Revolutionary", a man who changed the world for the better!

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